I have worked with many brands and clients on even more designs, campaigns, brand identity and brand development that I could count on both hands and feet throughout my extensive 15 years in this industry.

Below are just some examples of my work plus some pieces from what feels like a different era of my life as an animator/illustrator.

  • Since joining eumom (Ogilvy) in 2010, I had provided a number of new marketing strategies and email communication solutions that previously did not exist. I redesigned the eumom.ie website and by working side-by-side with the clients I created many initiative campaigns online and offline.

  • I managed a team of designers worldwide and a part of my daily duties were to design, manage and oversee all of the email communications going out of eumom. Email communication to it's memembership base is one of the pillar of the business with an average pregnant mother seeking information would typically get 6 emails per week.

  • I built and sent out weekly eumom newsletters and was a part of the team designing and oversee the pregnancy bag. The online presence, emails and newsletters working in conjuction with the offline material such as the pregnancy bags that can be found in nearly all of the hospitals nationwide are the core of the business.

  • Recently working as their web consultant I was part of the team helping eumom make the transition to a new rebranded identity.

Who are they?

eumom.ie is Ireland's number 1 community for mothers with young families. It provide trusted and objective information and advice on what they can expect, the problems they might face, and offering solutions, products and brands out there that can make their lives easier as they keep their family together and moving forward.

My Awards & Achievements:

I was a key figure helping eumom.ie win the Maternity and Infant Awards for Best Family Website in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Who are they?

Pigsback.com was established in 2000 and had acquired over 500,000 members. The concept is to bring brands and consumers together for mutual benefit, implementing campaigns to build on high consumer awareness and achieve increased understanding of the brand, leveraging partner relationships to communicate key messages.

My Awards & Achievements:

I was a key figure enabling Pigsback.com to win the Golden Spider for Best Shopping Website in 2005.

In 2010 I aided the marketing division to become a finalist in the AIM awards
(All Ireland Marketing Award 2010).

  • I have worked on and developed the Pigsback.com brand from 2004 to 2010. During this time I designed and project managed many areas and sections of the website including the many offline materials and marketing campaigns. Throughout these years I had designed and redesigned the website many times to suit the ever changing needs of the business.

  • I gave Pigsback.com the creative direction, created a brand manual, evolved the mascot, a brand identity and produced brand guidelines for the ever changing needs of both the brand and the company.

  • Not only was I responsible for all the website and branding, I produced the designs and templated all the email communication going out of Pigsback.com.

  • I had built many flash based games for numberous campaigns which happily delighted both clients and the memberships base whom always crazed for more.

  • I designed many of the UI for the white label products produced throughout the years.

  • I was responsible for all the print work that came out of the company, either designed and created by myself or managing the print work from the design teams internally and externally.

  • SendMoreFamilies.com is a multiple identity website for Avonmore supporting Barretstown. I have created their brand idenity, logo and developed the many campaigns and sub brands such as the Avonmore Big Picnic. As a result of all the hard work, it took first prize in the prodigious AIM award 2010.

  • I have also designed and built the Send More Families website which ran as a standalone website and also as a sub campaign under Pigsback.com

  • Working with Xtra-Vision's marketing team, I have project managed every aspect of Xtra-vision online material which range from their website, newsletters to the seasonal campaigns. I have set out timelines and budgeted their requirement on a weekly basis for 2 years. I have also designed, maintained, front-end build and a key part of the redevelop team.

  • I produced all of the Necafe Pick-me-ups online presence by designing, front-end build and maintaining the website and all of the newsletters until the end of the campaign which ran for 2 years. Nescafe Pick-me-ups was a loyalty scheme website. It offered consumers to collect Bean points for the products in-store and redeem them for great rewards and allowing them to enter into competitions and avail to especial offers.

  • I have built and maintained the website including all of their online presence such as their social media. I too have designed and built their newsletters. Love Irish Food is a website and a part of a much wider initiative online and offline and can be seen in-stores throughout Ireland to educate Irish consumers that you can make a positive difference by buying Irish products.

  • I have managed and designed the Airwick website and newsletters. I created the front end build, designed and project managed it's seasonal product campaigns. Air Wick Fresher Homes Club is a loyalty website allowing it's memebers to collect points from the whole range of Air Wick products found in all major retail stores nationwide and afterwards go online to claim their reward.

  • I built and maintained the BalanceFood.ie website and part of a wider team designing it. BalanceFood.ie is a sub-brand of John West to reach out to a wide range of people to gain a knowledge of balance in their lifes through proper nutrition, exercise and style from experts in the field.

  • I created the brand idenity for Brainfood.ie plus I had designed and built their website. BrainFood.ie is a website from John West to promote the benefits of Omega 3 in your daily diet. It is aimed at the younger audience especially students taking their Leaving certificate.

  • I created the mascot and logo for BrainFood.ie. The mascot was carefully created and selected from many initial hand drawn sketches.

  • I created a new identity of drawn characters of families and babies for a Johnson Baby campaign for Johnson and Johnson(Unilever) that ran on Pigsback.com mother and children section.

Who are they?

Empathy Marketing Ltd is the parent company of the Pigsback.com brand and model. Under this parent company, it creates campaigns, branding and pioneer in online marketing and research since the year 2000.

Xtra-Vision, Unilever, Glanbia, Love Irish Food, Nescafe and John West are some of the many campaigns and brand development I have worked on and managed under Empathy Marketing.

My Awards & Achievements:

I played a key role enabling Glanbia to win the prodigious AIM award 2010 (All Ireland Marketing Award in 2010) on the Send More Families campaign.

Illustrations & Sketches

Before I got into digital and when broadband in Ireland was a 56k screeching modem was the bee's knees, I had started out aiming to be an animator and illustrator.

My Awards & Achievements:

I was awarded a Bursary of the Arts for reaching the finals of the leinster region.

I had drawn a part of a scene and privileged for being a small part of a wider team that created the renowned animated movie Oi Get Off Our Train that air on the BBC on a Christmas Day.

  • A painting done from scratch of a fiction place while experimenting with acrylic paints.
    Size: A4

  • This is a character mood sheet of one of my many characters I developed for an animation film.
    Size: A4

  • Charcoal pencil sketch of a giraffe I did during a cold winter's day in Dublin Zoo.
    Size: A4

  • This is another quick sketch of a monkey in Dublin Zoo using a soft charcoal pencil.
    Size: A4

  • A life drawing I had done during University using a minimal lines techniques on these 20 minutes sketches using charcoal.
    Size: A2

  • This is another life drawing done during University using a minimal lines techniques on these 20 minutes sketches using charcoal.
    Size: A2