I am an experienced and multi award winning Art Director and Web Designer with extensive project management experience, who has worked with most of the leading blue chip brands in Ireland over the past 15 years. I really understand how brands can and should express themselves online, offline and through various media.

For the past year I have been working as a Web Consultant for eumom.ie (Ogilvy) after 2 and a half years as their Lead Designer and Project Manager.

In that role in eumom, I managed and lead a handful of designers from all around the world and lead by example designing goal driven designs and creating successful communications strategies to all of eumom's membership base of 280,000 parents and expectant mothers.

I project managed all of eumom's online marketing strategies to strike the perfect balance between a client's goal and objective to eumom's loyal members and ensuring all projects are done successfully and efficiently.

I put in place many new marketing campaigns and strategies plus email communications that did not previously exist in eumom.

Previously within my role in Pigsback.com between 2004 to 2010, I quickly progressed from a Senior Web Designer to Art Director of Pigsback.com within my second year.

In this role I oversaw the creative direction of multiple design teams in London, Canada and Ireland from our Dublin headquarters and I was a key part of the team in the London and Canadian start-up.

On a daily basis in the Dublin office I was very much hands on all of the major projects and I gave creative direction to a team of 5 multi talented designers through various disciplines from print based graphic design, multimedia developers and web designers.

My Skill Set History

Below is a glimpse of some of my skill sets throughout my 15 years experience in the industry. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.